1st October

So October is here. I took the camera outside and took some pictures. The autumn light was great and so the pictures turned out really fine, I think! Let me know if you like them!
Do you like October? What's the weather like at your place?


  1. Watching flowers and wildlife adapt to the new season can be so lovely, right?! You've taken some lovely, calming shots here - just look at those little eyes poking out from behind the leaves, so cute!


  2. Beautiful!! The weather here in Norway is pretty cold and i can feel we are leaning towards winter-time. <3

  3. Milujem jeseň! Hlavne kvôli farbám, ktoré sú všade a sú nádherne pestré. Milujem nosenie svetríkov, len ma trochu mrzí, že v posledných rokoch jeseň - čo sa týka počasia - ani nie je a že po lete je rovno zima :(, ale atmosféra jesene je tá najlepšia počas celého roka! :)


Thank you for all of your comments!